NT-GREEK changed to B-GREEK and moved to listserver

NT-GREEK has completed both its name change and its move to a listserver.
The old addresses will continue to work for a while, but you are encouraged
to use the new name:

Subject: LIST CHANGE: B-GREEK (Biblical Greek Studies) Conference
           (formerly NT-GREEK)


B-GREEK (Biblical Greek Studies) Conference

B-GREEK is an electronic conference designed to foster communication
concerning the scholarly study of the Greek Bible. Anyone interested
in New Testament Studies is invited to subscribe, but the list will
assume at least a working knowledge of Biblical Greek.  Those
interested in learning to study the Bible more personally and less
exclusively academic should join the BIBLE list

Subscription to this conference is open to anyone interested.

You may subscribe by sending an e-mail message to


with the following request as the text of the message.

    SUBSCRIBE B-GREEK <address>

If you want to subscribe to only a digested version of the list, then
give the command


You can be subscribed to both the immediate version and the digested
version of the list at the same time.

This, the 'SUB ...,' must be part of the message; the subject line will
be ignored. If <address> is not specified, it will subscribed the sender
of the message.

Remember two simple rules-of-thumb:

   If it's a request (SUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE),
   send it to the list requester:

   If it's a message for general distribution to the members of the
   list, send it to the list:

Here are some additional MajorDomo listserver commands:
   HELP                    Retrieve the automated help message
   INFO <listname>         Retrieve the general introductory
                           message for the named list
   LISTS                   Show all the lists served by this
                           Majordomo server
   END                     Stop processing commands - it is a good
                           idea to put this command as the last
                           command for any message to Majordomo
   WHO <listname>          Show the members of the named list

The list is supported by the University of Virginia. Our thanks to
their management and staff for permission to use their system for the
list and for assistance in setting it up.  The opinions expressed do
not reflect those of the University.

The list is sponsored by the the Center for Christian Study, an
independent Christian ministry at the University of Virginia.  The Center
for Christian Study has been dedicated to providing quality Christian
Education since its inception in 1976.  The main purposes of the Center
are to maintain a caring University outreach ministry and to encourage
Chrisitians (and others) to think serious about the Christian faith.
If you wish more information about the Center for Christian Study please

   The Center for Christian Study
   128 Chancellor Street
   Charlottesville, VA 22903
   (804) 295-2471

Questions about this conference may be directed to David John Marotta.

| David John Marotta                    Internet: djm5g@virginia.edu |
| Adjunct Faculty                        Prodigy: KCMR45A            |
| The Center for Christian Study     IBM US Mail: USUVARG8           |
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| Charlottesville, VA 22903             messages: (804) 924-5261     |
| (804) 295-2471                             fax: (804) 296-7209     |

David John Marotta, Medical Center Computing, Stacey Hall
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