Re: Romans 3:23

> En the end of verse 24, Paul uses the construction
>          --- dia tes apolutrowsis tes en Christwi Iesou.
> What is the use or function of the second tes?  What does tes refer to?  How
> should this construction be translated?  If I've parsed it correctly
> (gen. sing. fem.), then it could refer to chariti or apolutrosis.
> How is it (or is it?) connected to en Christwi?
> Christopher Walker

This is one of the two ways of forming an adjectival construction.  
"en Christwi Iesou" is acting as an adjective and could have been put 
between the first "tes" and "apolutrowsis":  "through the in-Christ-
Jesus deliverance", i.e., "through the deliverence that is in Christ 
Jesus".  You can see this in Romans 4:11 "...ths pistews ths en thi 
akrobustiai..." and v. 12 "...ths en akrobustiai pistews..."

Why one would use one construction rather than the other is another 

Glenn Wooden
Acadia Divinity College
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada