Re: Romans 3:23

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On Fri, 22 Apr 1994 CWALKER@apollo.roundlake.baxter.com wrote:
> I was working thru Romans 3:23-24 yesterday and found something that I
> could not explain.
> At 
> En the end of verse 24, Paul uses the construction
>          --- dia tes apolutrowsis tes en Christwi Iesou.
> What is the use or function of the second tes?  What does tes refer to?  How
> should this construction be translated?  If I've parsed it correctly
> (gen. sing. fem.), then it could refer to chariti or apolutrosis.
> How is it (or is it?) connected to en Christwi?

ths en Xristw = `the [one] in Christ'

this is in apposition to ths apolutrwsews = `the redemption'.

	dia ths apolutrwsews ths en Xristw Ihsou =
	through the redemption, the [one] in Christ Jesus.

You could translate this simply `through the redemption in Christ Jesus'.
NASB: `through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus'
NIV: `through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus'