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                       JEWISH BIBLE QUARTERLY

                        is sponsored by the

        JEWISH BIBLE ASSOCIATION, POB 29002, Jerusalem, Israel

Affiliated with the Department of Jewish Education and Culture in the Diaspora
of the Joint Authority for Jewish Zionist Education, W.Z.O. The JBQ is one of
the sponsors of the CHIDON LATANACH: International Bible Contest held every YOM
HA'ATZMAUT in Jerusalem. The JBQ provides timely, authoritative studies on
biblical themes. As the only Jewish-sponsored English-language journal devoted
exclusively to the Tanach, it is an essential source of information for anyone
studying the Bible. The JBQ publishes original articles, translations from
scholarly Hebrew journals, book reviews, a triennial calendar of Bible reading,
and correspondence. All viewpoints are considered: Orthodox, Conservative,
Reform, and Secular-Humanistic.

                    Indexed or abstracted by:

* Religious and Theological Abstracts
* Old Testament Abstracts
* Index of Articles on Jewish Studies (RAMBI)
* Internationale Zeitschriftenschau fur Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebiete
* Index to Jewish Periodicals

The Table of Contents of the JBQ is available on the Internet through:

* Religious Studies Publications Journal: CONTENTS
* CARL Systems (database.carl.org) [full text of articles available by fax]

The JBQ (ISSN 0792-3910) is published in January, April, July, and October by
the Jewish Bible Association, POB 29002, Jerusalem, Israel. All subscriptions
are prepaid for complete calendar year only. Subscription price for 1994
(volume 22) is $24. Back issues available on microfiche. VISA/MC/AMEX accepted.
Internet email address: backon@VMS.HUJI.AC.IL
Tel: +972-2-759146
Fax: +972-2-759144 (attn: JBQ)