Greek Metafont for TeX/LateX available

TeX/LaTeX Koine Greek users:

I have made version 0.2 of my Greek Metafont MELANOS available on 
tartarus.uwa.edu.au in directory /pub/jtauber/melanos.

It differs from other Greek Metafonts in that the diacritics are
placed AFTER the letter they apply to. This should make it easier to
use Greek texts based on the CATSS/CCAT/TLG system of transliteration.
Those familiar with this system will note that both the grave and
iota-subscript have been changed to avoid problems when using TeX.

[ CATSS/CCAT/TLG files can be made compatible with MELANOS simply by
doing a search-and-replace to change \ to ` and | to ! ]

Please note that this is still an early release with a simple mono-width sans
serif style. Updates should be available frequently from:

     tartarus.uwa.edu.au in the directory /pub/jtauber/melanos

Please send any criticisms and/or suggestions to

Hope this is of use to people. I'm a linguistics student and not a font 
designer so don't expect a beautifully designed font (yet :-)

James K. Tauber, Undergraduate Student
Centre for Linguistics, UWA, Australia
E-mail: jtauber@tartarus.uwa.edu.au
WWW:    ftp://tartarus.uwa.edu.au/pub/jtauber/main.html