I am trying to update and/or add to my library. I had Greek at Asbury
Theological Seminary about five years ago. I took some of the
intermediate grammar / Greek Bible classes also. I have Dana/Mantey,
Machen (the text we used) and Lingistic Keys to the Greek NT. I would
like to become a bit more serious in my study and application of the
Greek NT (that's why I joined this list.)

My search is for Greek Grammars and especially computer programs.

I have GramCord for DOS, but I was looking for a Windows program. I
know there is Logos Bible Study, Bible Windows and Bible Works for

I've also run into a study aid I am not familiar with. It is called
Louw-Nida Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament Based on Semantic
Domains.  What is a semantic domain?

I'm also finding references to Friberg parsing + Lemma.

If anyone could bring me up to speed on these things, I would really
appreciate it.  Thanks.


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