> I have GramCord for DOS, but I was looking for a Windows program. I
> know there is Logos Bible Study, Bible Windows and Bible Works for
> Windows.
> I've also run into a study aid I am not familiar with. It is called
> Louw-Nida Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament Based on Semantic
> Domains.  What is a semantic domain?
> I'm also finding references to Friberg parsing + Lemma.

Actually, if you purchase Bible Windows, you can also get the Louw-
Nida dictionary too. Any of the listed programs should give you 
parsings + Lemma.  I use Bible Windows and its DOS predecessor Lbase. 
 These give you text on screen as normal.  Among many other 
things, you can then select any word and ask for a parsing, basic 
dictionary gloss and if you have the Louw-Nida hypertext add on, you 
can see the word in a discussion of its semantic domain.  All that 
means is that, e.g., the word night is discussed in the broader 
context of terms for time and more narrowly terms for the dark part 
of the day, so in English it would be discussed with dusk, twilight, 
sunset, evening, midnight, 'wee hours of the morning', etc.  This way 
a word is compared and contrasted with similar words to show nuances 
of meaning.

Glenn Wooden
Acadia Divinity College
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada