dynamic equivalency theory

Bravo to James F. Sennett, George Aichele, and Philip L. Graber on most recent
posts re: dynamic equivalency!  I hope that we can carry this thread a bit
more, and once we leave what is like or unlike Wittgenstein, Quine, etc., and
focus on more particular translation theory concerns, there's plenty of
justification for conducting this discussion on "b-greek," imho.
Philip Graber noted: "Paul WASN'T writing to you."  Amen!  As one whose daily
concern includes preaching the text, it has been my contention that we commit a 
homiletical misdirection which we attempt to translate the text (or even the
translation) to the 20th century mind, but rather we should be involved in the
task of translating the 20th century mind into the 1st century text (speaking
of the Gospels, for example).  Comments, insights, corrections?
Rev. Robert W. Schaibley
Sr. Pastor, Zion Ev. Lutheran Church
Fort Wayne, Indiana