Re: dynamic equivalency theory

On Sat, 30 Apr 1994, Robert W. Schaibley wrote:
> Philip Graber noted: "Paul WASN'T writing to you."  Amen!  As one whose daily
> concern includes preaching the text, it has been my contention that we commit
> a homiletical misdirection which we attempt to translate the text (or 
> even the translation) to the 20th century mind, but rather we should be 
> involved in the task of translating the 20th century mind into the 1st 
> century text.

Very well put. I would like to see more discussion on this point.
I find in my own Bible teaching that I have to spend a lot of time 
`un-teaching' people the traditions of men that we've picked up just so 
we can _begin_ to make sense of the 1st century text. For example, most 
people coming from a Charismatic background associate the word `worship' 
with music (to the extent that `praise and worship' becomes synonymous 
with singing). Of course, this makes nonsense of the word `proskunew'.
Another favourite of mine is `church' which has been abused beyond 

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