Re: Tense and Mood Statistics

On Sat, 7 May 1994, Richard Walker wrote:
> The only trouble with using CCAT's MorphGNT to gather statistics
> is that you get the text of NA26/UBS3 without any
> of its punctuation and apparatus - including the square brackets.
> So the statistics include words that are not really
> in the text at all (well, at least not according to
> the editors).  If you really want to say `my statistics
> are based on NA26/UBS3', you will have to edit out those
> parts of MorphGNT.  Take care!

I appreciate the warning but a number of points should be made.

1) Punctuation is surely irrelevant for the statistics requested so far.
2) Surely *including* the apparatus would throw the statistics off far more
   than using just the main text.
3) If by `square brackets' you mean the double brackets, then yes, I concede
   that my figures include parts of the text the editors do not consider
   in the original. But if you just mean the single brackets [] then I'm
   afraid I must disagree. In the editors' own words:

		[ ] Brackets in the text indicate that the enclosed word,
	words or parts of words MAY BE REGARDED AS PART OF THE TEXT, but
	that in the present state of New Testament textual scholarship
	this cannot be taken as completely certain.

				Introduction to UBS4 (emphasis mine)

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