Re: Houtos in Matt 5:19

> Thanks to those who replied so far.  But maybe I didn't 
> explain myself enough.  
> The NASB includes the connotation that *by* breaking 
> a command, this *teaches* others to do the same.  
> In other words, if someone sees me breaking a command, 
> they think to themselves `He calls himself a Christian, 
> and he is doing that - it must be OK' and then they 
> go and follow my example.  
> The NIV's translation simply does not include this 
> connotation.  It talks about breaking a command 
> *and* teaching others to break it - two separate things.  
> Which is right?  
> Richard.  

Without getting onto Carl Conrad's limb :) , it seems to me that the
coordination of the two verbs with KAI (compare 19b where the same
verbs are coordinate) makes it unwise to read in a subordinate
relationship of the sort you suggest. If Matt had intended this he
could easily have used a participial construction or at least put
OUTWS before DIDAXHi where it would be clearer it wasn't taking the
place of the object of the vb.

Andrew Crouch