Re: Houtos in Matt 5:19

Dreadful, indeed!  It appears that those "communications department" gurus may
be on to something when they keep sticking their noses in the middle of our
nicely cut categories in order to chide us about how we are "punctuating

I grant you the observation that these verses in question, along with James 2,
CAN make sense to us as reactions to Paul, indeed as rejections of what I often
hear to be "the Lutheran heresy."  However, since we have been given to
understand from Paul himself, and from Luke in Acts, for that matter, that some
considerable development of the church occurs before Paul begins spreading
abroad something that Jewish Christians might react to, it seems to me that one
should at least entertain an alternate explanation of the focus of these

Nevertheless, onward goes the quest, regardless of how we seem to cut it!