Re: Houtos in Matt 5:19

It seems to me that the major reason for dating James later than Paul is
precisely to place it late enough to be reacting to Paul.  I don't see any
reason that James should be dated later than Paul (nor, for that matter,
much reason to date it anywhere in particular).  It seems to me that the
propensity of a certain strain of scholarship to place all of the NT on a
single line of development from the "pure" teaching of Jesus to the
corruptions by Paul and the later "catholicizing" tendencies accounts for
not only much dating of NT writings, but also the need to read James in
relation to Paul at all.  Are they really talking about the same thing so
that they can be said to be in disagreement?  Matthew is another matter in
terms of dating, but even if Matthew is a generation or more later than
Paul, I wonder if there is any particular reason to assume that Matthew is
reacting to (or even concerned with) Paul.

Philip Graber
Emory University