Re: Word Studies and the NIV

I agree that word studies from translations are inferior at best but for 
the majority of Christians, it's all that's possible given their 
knowledge of Hebrew and Greek.

I would estimate that the majority of people without Greek knowledge who 
do word studies (there are a lot out there!) use an NIV. Something like 
an NASB will still be inferior to a Greek word study but would be a lot 
more helpful than an NIV word study. Herein lies my concern. I admire the 
NIV translation for what it was intended to be but NIV word studies are 
IMHO to be avoided at all costs.

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On Tue, 10 May 1994, Philip L. Graber wrote:
> Why would anyone want to do word studies from ANY translation?  If you
> don't have access to the source text, an assortment of translations is
> useful for gaining a number of readings of that text.  But what good are
> word studies in English?