Re: Word Studies and the NIV

On Tue, 10 May 1994, James McMillan wrote:
> Is this not where the concept of "semantic domains" enters the picture? 
> It is helpful to be able to look at a cluster of words that are roughly 
> synonymous whether in the source language or the receptor language. 
> Simply doing a word study in the Greek without considering what choices 
> are available in English is not an adequate word study, IMHO.

This seems like an appropriate time to mention a project I'm just about 
to start. Recently I completed a book entitled _Index to the Greek New 
Testament_ which is off to the printers next week. (I'm publishing it 
myself). It's basically a concordance of dictionary forms in the UBS3 
without context quotes. Basically it'll tell you all the 
book/chapter/verse references of each Greek lexeme all in a book that 
will sell for less that US$15. I know Zondervan has just come out with an 
Exhaustive Concordance to the Greek New Testament but it probably 
includes contexts and hence costs 5 times as much (with a corresponding 
weight increase). Please don't consider this an ad as I'm only producing 
it locally (unless someone out there would like to publish it in the US, 
or whatever).

Anyway, for the last couple of weeks I've been thinking how handy it 
would be to include as a second section a semantic hierarchy of all the 
5380 Greek lexemes. This would place (agapaw, agaph, agaphtos) together 
on one level and join them to filew, etc. on a higher level. I'm imagine 
this would be a helpful tool for word studies.

I'll like to put together such a semantic hierarchy, include it in the 
second edition of my _Index_ and make it available on Internet as a WWW 
page, etc. I need lots of help. Anyone interested?

(Yes, I'm familiar with Nida-Louw. I ordered it 4 months ago and it still 
hasn't arrived. It might prove to be a helpful starting point.)

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