Re: Disambiguation?

On Wed, 11 May 1994, KENNETH D. LITWAK wrote:

> today is, I think, the first day I have seen the word
> "disambiguation" (though it's probably on the GRE someplace), and am
> not at all sure what it means (I could hazard a guess, but...)

How hard could it be to hazard a guess on this one?? :)  Actually, 
"disambiguation" is a very useful word (and not all that ambiguous) that 
gets quite a bit of play in logic and critical thinking.  It is, in fact, 
one of the most important preliminary phases of argumentation.  If more 
people made it a part of their initial steps in trying to get a point 
across it would really cut down on misunderstandings and feverish 

But I am absolutely positive that I have now ventured into territory that 
is completely off the subject, and in no justifiable under the stated 
purpose of this mailing list, so I'll stop!

"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."
--Groucho Marx

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