I may be treading on shaky ground here, especially since the discussion 
lately on word studies has raised questions about the "meaning" of words 
(especially words without a context), but I'd like to make a stab at a 
definition for "disambiguate".  (I know, I probably shouldn't define this 
term without a context--apologies to Bob--but dictionaries offer such 
attempts on a regular basis, even Greek lexicons!).  Disambugate--to render 
a word or phrase or sentence in a less ambiguous form, i.e., to get at a 
less ambiguous meaning than the original may present.  This definition 
of course assumes that such a thing can be done, taking 
into account that "ambiguous" or "ambiguate" have as their meaning such 
things as "doubtful or uncertain, inexplicable" or "capable of being 
understood in two or more possible senses," and recognizing that "dis-" is 
a prefix that entails a reversal or undoing or separation.  Of course, we 
run into trouble if "dis-" is actually a prefix that means "two."  Then the 
word "disambiguate" actually means something like "to give at least two 
ambiguous or doubtful meanings."  (Oops, I think I just showed how "word 
studies" can be dangerous!)  

Leo Percer