Printing problems

Paul Burnham (Ohio Wesleyan) has asked me to cross-post the item below in
his behalf.  Anyone who can advise him should contact him directly.
Theodore F. Brunner

The workstation our library has for support of TLG consists of a 486 PC, and
a Panasonic KX-P1124 dot matrix printer.  The Panasonic is capable of emulating
an Epson LQ2500.  We installed a 32K buffer chip to help handle the Greek
texts.  We have WordPerfect 5.1 and the WP Greek Language Module installed.
The problem that persists is that the printer keeps wanting to revert to the
graphics mode in printing which is sooo much slower than text mode.  Can you
refer me to any Internet discussion lists where I might post this problem to
see if anyone else has encountered it?  The first file that I try to print
usually is done in text mode, but if I attempt a second file, it usually
is done graphically.  I discovered that by doing a "warm boot" of the computer
that something is reset so that I can print in text mode.  I talked to 
WordPerfect Dot Matrix Support and Greek Language Module support, and I they
could not give any answers.  Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can

Paul Burnam, Public Services Librarian
Ohio Wesleyan University Libraries
Delaware, OH 43015-2312