Re: authenteo

Dear ... (You never gave your name or your .sig isn't working)

> I am interested in the meaning and use of the word authenteo, 
> especially with the genetive. Any information would be 
> appreciated. Please note that I am a first time user of this list, 
> so my apologies if this seems a trivial questions for those B-Greek 
> experts in internetland. 

I don't know what info you DO have, so here's something you MAY 
already have/know.

Louw and Nida (Greek English Lexicon of the NT based on Semantic 
Domains) put it under the domain of control or rule and under the 
subdomain of control restrain.

"To control in a domineering manner - to 'control, to 
domineer.' 'I do not allow women ... to dominate men' (1Ti2.12) To 
control in a domineering manner is often expressed idomatically, for 
example, 'to shout orders at', 'to act like a chief toward', 'to bark 

Nothing specifi here about the genetive.
Hope it helps!

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