Kroegers on authenteo

David Wigtil writes:
>I strongly urge anyone interested in 1 Tim. 2:12 and in "authenteo" in 
>particular to read the 1992 book, I SUFFER NOT A WOMAN, by R. Kroeger and 
>C. Kroeger, available through Baker Book House, I believe.  Catherine was 
>keen on "authenteo" 15 years ago as a fellow graduate student with me in 
>classics and ancient religious studies.  Bottom line:  the dictionaries 
>ought not be too glibly trusted on this one!

>The Kroegers argue that much of the Pastorals' effort is anti-Gnostic, and 
>that "authentein andros" most likely implies "to claim priority over man" 
>with reference to the common Gnostic reversals of the creation story, 
>whereby they insisted that the serpent and Eve represented a higher god 
>above the creator.

Since this book seems to be making quite an impact, it might be worth pointing
out the review of this book by Stephen Baugh in Westminster Theological Journal
56:1 (Spring 1994).  Baugh's specialty is epigraphic history in Asia minor, and
he amply demonstrates that the Kroegers' reconstruction of the situation
in Ephesus is seriously flawed and sans evidence.  Since the argument that
authenteo means "claim authority (illegitimately) over" is based solely on the
historical reconstruction, I think I would rather trust the lexicons (even

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