Louw & Nida

The recent postings on authenteo which refer to Louw & Nida (among which mine
was slightly incorrect -- mea culpa) demonstrate a problem/frustration I have
had with that Lexicon.  I think its method of classification by semantic domain
is a step forward in lexicography, but it is frustrating when meanings are
given without any way of determining how L&N arrived at their meanings/classi-
fications.  It appears that the meaning "control in a domineering manner" is
derived solely from the modern view of the situation in Ephesus at the time of
1 Timothy.  This seems a questionable approach to lexicography.  On the other
hand, L&N are superbly qualified linguists.  Does anyone on the net know of
lexical evidence for "control in a domineering manner" apart from this
hypothetical reconstruction of the situation in Ephesus?

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