john 1

I think David Coomler's original question was about how to translate 
"theos", right? It was not about whether "theos" was predicate in 
position, or about the word order per se. Rather, it was, can "theos" be 
construed as adjectival, "divine"? Correct me if I'm wrong.

My question was similar: not about whether "theos" is predicate or what 
the word order should be, but whether it could be construed as referring 
to the "word" God itself, not to God (or something like that).

"Thinking in Greek" is great for those of us with even some familiarity 
with Greek, but what about the 99% of the rest of the English-speaking 
world? They need a translation. Footnoting options is one way of 
representing ambiguities, but it privileges the option chosen for the 
main text. The best way to render an ambiguity in Greek would be to 
render it with an equivalent ambiguity in English. The trouble is that 
what my be ambiguous in Greek may be unequivocal in English, or vice versa.

-Greg Jordan