Bible software #3/3


NAME: MemCards

Platform: DOS

Hardware and Software: IBM compatible PC with MS DOS 3.1 or

Description:  There is a choice of software either for Greek or
Hebrew learning.  Both packages are of the flashcard variety, using
the screen to display properly formatted Greek or Hebrew
characters.  It is possible to keep a record of each student's
progress and further cards can be created using a text editor
provided (up to a maximum of 2500 cards and not necessarily in
Greek or Hebrew).  Both include files of frequently occurring biblical

Price: US$34.95 each.

Available from: Memorization Technology, PO Box 60788, Palo
Alto, CA 94306-0788, USA.

NAME: Greek Vocabulary, Verbs, and Nouns

Platform: DOS

Requirements: IBM-compatible PC with DOS 3.1 or higher and at least 512K

Description: A suite of three programs designed to aid the learning of
elementary Greek.  The vocabulary program uses words from either Anne
Groton's _From Alpha to Omega_ or vocabulary drawn from the New
Testament.  There is also a choice of Greek to English or English to
Greek for both sets.  Within each vocabularly subset it is possible to
choose a vocabularly type (nouns, verbs or 'function' words).  On-line
help and hints are available including a keyboard chart for typing in
Greek characters.
        The second program concentrates on the Greek verb requiring the
student to identify tense, mood and voice.  The student is able to choose
the type of verb forms on which to be tested, including concentrating on
irregular verb forms or common New Testament verbs.  The student can also
select whether to simply identify the forms or to translate them as
well.  As with the vocab program on-line help and hints are always
available.  The third program looks at the declension of nouns in a similar
pattern to the verb program.
        The ability of the student to select a wide range of options on which
to be tested,  makes this program extremely good value, and builds upon
the learning of elementary Greek from the text book.

Price: Currently a nominal price of US$10.00 which covers the cost of the

Available from: Richard F. Wevers, Classics Dept., Calvin College, 3201
Burton SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546, USA.  Tel:  616-957-6294.  Fax:
616-957-8551.  Email: weve@ursa.calvin.edu

Notes:  This package is frequently recommended in response to queries on
relevant discussion lists.

NAME: Hebrew Quiz

Platform: DOS

Hardware and Software: IBM compatible PC with DOS 3.1 or higher.
PKUnzip is required to uncompress the software.

Description: A basic tutor in the Hebrew language.  Questions the
user on the order of the Hebrew alphabet, vocabulary lists,
grammatical paradigms, and the choice of Hebrew to English or
vice versa.  The questions are based on Thomas O. Lambdin's
_Introduction to Biblical Hebrew_ (NY: Scribner 1971).

Price: Free for non-commercial use.

Available from: David Rapier, 80 Island Creek Road, Duxbury, MA
02332, USA.
Also via FTP from oak.oakland.edu as

NAME: Oxford Latin Course (with CALIS)

Platform: DOS

Requirements:  IBM-compatible PC with DOS 3.1 or higher and at
least 256K RAM.

Description: Using CALIS the author has created a series of computer
exercises based around the Oxford Latin Course.  Each lesson is designed
to take the student through various grammatical stages including the
option of Latin-to-English or English-to-Latin translation.  The program
covers sentence construction and translation, grammatical rules and
vocabulary drills.

Price:  At the present the beta-version of the course is being tested.
Further information can be obtained from the author.

Available from: John Gruber-Miller, Box 8105, Cornell College, 600 First
Street West, Mt Vernon, IA 52314-1098.  Tel: 319-895-6763/4326  Fax:
319-895-4492.  E-Mail: grubermiller@cornell-iowa.edu

NAME:  Greek Practice

Platform: Macintosh

Requirements: Apple Macintosh with Hypercard 1.2 or

Description: Fifteen HyperCard stacks which can be described as
electronic flash cards.  This software is meant to complement rather
than replace the text book.  The vocabulary is taken from the Greek
New Testament and the software is user-definable.

Price: US$69.95

Available from: National Collegiate Software of Duke University
Press, 6697 College Station, Durham, NC 27708, USA. Tel: 919-684-

NAME: HyperGreek

Platform: Macintosh

Requirements: Apple Macintosh with System 6.05,
Hypercard 2.0 or higher, and 1 MB RAM.

Description: Ten lessons and drills on Classical and Biblical Greek.
Includes a "talking teacher" who speaks the Greek to you!

Price: US$25.00

Available from: Intellimation, P.O. Box 219, Santa Barbara, CA
93116, USA. Tel: 1-800-346-8355.


Platform: Macintosh

Requirements: Apple Macintosh with System 7 or higher,
3MB free on hard drive, and Hypercard 2.1.

Description: The eleven HyperCard stacks are designed for students
following the JACT Greek course.  The stacks enable the students
to do most of the exercises contained in the textbook.  The software
permits teachers to adapt the stacks to their own requirements.

Price: Free for non-commercial use.

Available from: Matt Neuburg,  University of Canterbury, New
Zealand.  Email: clas005@csc.canterbury.ac.nz.
FTP from cantva.canterbury.ac.nz as
/public/mac/classics/jactgreekpt1.hqx and jactgreekpt2.hqx

NAME: Greek Verb Help 1.3

Platform: Macintosh

Requirements: Apple Macintosh with System 6 or higher
and at least 500K free on hard drive.  Prefers a colour monitor.

Description:  Created with StorySpace Greek Verb Help is a
standalone utility which conjugates the entire -w (omega) verb and
creates easy links between the various parts of the verb (complete
with comments).  The moods, tenses, and voices are colour-coded.

Price: Free for non-commercial use.

Available from: Matt Neuburg, University of Canterbury, New
Zealand.  Email: clas005@csc.canterbury.ac.nz.
Via FTP from cantva.canterbury.ac.nz as


NAME: The Jerusalem One Gopher

Platform: DOS, Windows

Requirements: Gopher client with downloading capabilities, PKunzip to
decompress files.

Description:  The Jerusalem One gopher describes itself as "The largest
Jewish and Hebrew archives on InterNET".  Here you will find shareware
hebrew word processors, fonts for DOS and Windows (including TTF), Hebrew
tutors, and Hebrew texts as well as a number of other utilities (hebrew
database software, calendars, and a pop-up Hebrew clock).  There is far
too many packages to individually document so GO-pher & see!

Price:  Some of the packages are shareware, many are free.

Available from: gopher jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il 70
Anonymous FTP jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il (still under construction.
Contact for information: Danny Schilo (schilo@jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il)


%J Computers and the Humanities
%D 1966-
%K serial
%X Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht.  ISSN:  0010-4817

%J Bits and Bytes Review: reviews and news of products and
resources for academic computing
%D 1986-
%K serial
%X Available from: The editor, Bits and Bytes Computer Resources, 623 North
Iowa Avenue, Whitefish, Montana 59937, USA.

%J Computer Assisted Research Forum
%D 1992-
%K serial
%X Published by McGill University, Montreal Canada.  ISSN: 1195-9657.
Independant, non-technical journal for scholars working in the humanities.
Subscription: US$15.00 (institution), US$10.00 (individual), add US$7.00
for outside US/Canada.
For further information contact: cxfw@musica.mcgill.ca

%T Church Computer Software Directory 1993
%I The Church Computer Users Group
%C Oxford
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%K theology
%X Available from: Church Computer Users Group, The Rectory, Kirtlington,
Kidlington, Oxon OX5 3HA.  Cost: UK5.00

%A Hendrika Beaulieu
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%J North American Religion
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%K theology

%A Harry Hahne
%T High-tech Bible study: PC Bible programs with a graphical user interface
%J Computer Assisted Research Forum
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%K bible

%A Neil B. Houk
%T Church Bytes
%K theology
%X Available from: 562 BRTLF Sq. #9, 905 W. Main, Durham, NC  27701.
Tel: (919) 479-5242.  Email: neil_houk.parti%pcusa01@uunet.uu.net

%A John J. Hughes
%T Bits, Bytes and Biblical Studies
%I Zondervan
%C Grand Rapids, Mich.
%D 1987
%K bible
%X Now somewhat out of date for software, but still provides valuable
on computing in general for biblical and classical scholars.

%A Kim Knott
%T Religion and Information Technology
%E Ursula King
%B Turning Points in Religious Studies
%I T & T Clark
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%T The Classics in an age of innovation and technology
%J Classics Ireland
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%A Devorah S. Sperling
%A Jeffrey Shandler
%T Jewish Educational Software: resources and questions for the
%J Jewish Folklore and Ethnology Review
%V Spring
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%P Forthcoming
%K theology

%A Michael Strangelove
%T The Electric Mystic's Guide to the Internet: a complete bibliography
of networked electronic documents, online conferences, serials, software
and archives relevant to religious studies.
%I University of Ottawa
%V 3 vols
%D 1992
%K theology
%X Available via FTP from panda1.uottawa.ca as electric-mystics-guide-v*.txt
Contact Strangelove on email: 441495@acadvm1.uottawa.ca

%A Michael Strangelove
%A Diane Kovacs
%T Directory of electronic journals, newsletters and academic discussion
%I Association of Research Libraries
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Workshop on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the 'Werkgroep
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%A Ian Tilsed
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%J Theology
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%X A discussion of the on-line resources now available to the British
Includes BIDS, E-mail lists and FTP.

%A Ian Tresman
%T The Multilingual PC Directory
%I Knowledge Computing
%C Stamford, CT
%D 1992
%K bible
%X Available from: Knowledge Computing, 9 Ashdown Drive, Borehamwood, Herts,
WD6 4LZ.  Cost: UK19.95 + UK3.00 P&P.  See review by Laurence Urdang in
Verbatim 18:3 (1992) 19-20.

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