Bible software #1/3

     As rather a newbie to this list, I don't know if the following
information has already been distributed here, but since it answers a recent
question from Todd Sukany, I am sending it along.  I downloaded it from CIS.
 Hope it may be helpful.

Last updated: 02/04/94 (dd/mm/yy)

This document may be freely distributed providing each section is
maintained in its entirety and there is no commercial gain or fee charged.
Please send all errors, omissions and comments to: m.a.fraser@durham.ac.uk


In June 1993 I circulated a questionnaire across a number of
networked theology-related discussion groups requesting details of
software currently being used in theology and religious-studies
departments throughout the world.  I wish to thank all who responded to
the original questionnaire.  The responses gave me an initial idea of the
breadth of software, both commercial or otherwise, which existed.  In
addition I kept my electronic ear open on the major theology discussion
groups and picked up details (sometimes only rumours) of new and
established software.  Gradually, the database was built, with a name
here, an address or a price there.  I accumulated as many details as I
could with the intention of producing an on-line version.  As far as I am
aware there exists no central on-line database for software relevant for
theologians (or others working in the humanities).  This selection of
software hopes to go some way in correcting this.

The database is divided into the following sections:

Section One: This introduction

Section Two: Greek and Hebrew Fonts and Word Processing.  This section
contains details of complete word processing packages which come with the
ability to type Greek and/or Hebrew with breathings, accents, vowels etc.
It also contains details of font packages which can be used in conjunction
with DOS-based word processors, MS-Windows, or Macintosh operating

Section Three: Biblical Texts on Disk.  If "Where can I find Greek/Hebrew
fonts?" is the most frequently asked question by a biblical scholar with a
computer then "Where can I find Greek/Hebrew biblical texts?"  must come a
close second.  Thus, this section describes a selection of on-line bibles
with the emphasis on packages aimed at the academic market.

Section Four: Electronic Text Databases and Relevant Search Software.
There has been a growth in the number of texts now available in an
electronic format.  At present this section contains details of the major
patristic and medieval texts on CD-ROM.  Others will be added as
information is received.

Section Five: Computer Assisted Language Learning.  Another frequently
asked question is, "From where may I obtain software to assist my
teaching/learning of Greek/Latin/Hebrew?".  A number of freeware,
shareware, and commercial packages which aim to do just that are outlined

Section Six: Computing in Theology: A Select Bibliography.  As with all
the sections in this database this will continually be in progress.  The
same disclaimer also applies, a reference in this section does not
necessarily mean I have been able to consult it.  Therefore, it is
possible (and likely) that some articles or monographs will give details
of software packages not contained in this database.  I would be very
pleased to hear about them!

Each software reference within the database follows a consistent format:

Name: The name of the package including version number.

Platform: Which operating system you will require (Windows, DOS, or

Requirements:  The type of machine (IBM-compatible or Macintosh) and
system requirements (minimum RAM, hard drive, CD-ROM drive etc) as well
as any additional software which may be required (fonts, search &
retrieval utilities etc).

Description: A brief description of the package.  The source of the
description varies with each package.  Sometimes it is from an
advertiser's leaflet, or the manual.  At other times it is gleaned from
personal correspondence or another software database.  Please notify me
of any errors or omissions.

Price:  Usually given in the currency of the country from where the
package is sold (thus US$ mostly).  This field is  likely to contain
out dated information so always confirm the price with the vendor first.

Available from: The company or individual providing the package.  Where
possible I have attempted to provide both US and UK addresses.  If the
package is freeware or shareware then (where applicable) FTP details are
also given.

Notes: This final field permits me to enter comments which I may feel are
important, particularly in cases where a software package may cease to be
compatible with upgrades to operating systems or other applications with
which it is designed to run.  Not all records have this field.

I have been reliant on a number of people for the compilation of this
database (some of whom don't know it!).  I thank anyone who has responded
to my queries or requests for software.  Unfortunately, due to lack of
time, funds and equipment, I have been unable to test many of the packages
outlined.  This database should, therefore, always be considered as a
draft version.  I encourage users to send me corrections and additions to
all of the sections.  Users seeking to obtain any of the software should
check with the vendor first before sending money or credit card numbers!

Michael Fraser                          E-mail: m.a.fraser@durham.ac.uk
Department of Theology                  Fax:    +44 91 374 4744
University of Durham
Abbey House
Palace Green
United Kingdom


The first requirement for biblical scholars is adequate font software.
The following are well established and often recommended packages:

NAME: Multi-Lingual Scholar 4.1

Platform: DOS

Hardware and Software: IBM compatible PC, 80386 processor, 1
MB RAM,  hard disk drive and DOS 3.1 or higher.

Description: Multi-Lingual Scholar is designed for academics
requiring a diversity of special character fonts.  The package is
available with a number of Roman, Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, and Old
English fonts which can be combined in a single document and
viewed on screen.  Fully formatted bi-directional typing is permitted,
and accents or diacritical marks can be easily inserted.  In addition,
a number of spell-check language dictionaries are available.  Multi-
Lingual Scholar supports Epson, IBM, or Hewlett Packard
compatible printers.

Price:  MLS: US$347.50 (with academic discount); Syriac fonts
US$350.00 (request discount details).  Shipping: US$40.00.

Available from:  Gamma Productions, Inc., 710 Wilshire Blvd., #609,
Santa Monica, CA 90401 USA.  Tel: 310-394-8622.  Fax: 310-395-

Notes: This is a complete word-processing package.  In addition, it is
the only DOS package I know that includes a Syriac font.

NAME: Nota Bene 4.1

Platform: DOS

Requirements: IBM compatible PC, XT, AT, 386, 486 or PS/2.  640 KB RAM.
At least 5MB Hard Disk space. DOS 3.0 or higher.

Description: Nota Bene is a popular word processor in the religious
studies community.  The attraction of Nota Bene is its potential to
be far more than a commercial word processor.  Available as
seamlessly integrated modules are Orbis - a text search and
retrieval database for which a wide selection of biblical texts are
available, Ibid - a bibliographic and citation database with various
style options, and Lingua - Hebrew, Greek and Slavic characters
with full accent entry and bi-directional typing (Hebrew).  Laser fonts
are also available.  Users of NotaBene have the opportunity to be
members of an email discussion group.  The list is notabene on

Prices: (UK #) Nota Bene 4. #159.00.  NB Ibid: #119.00.  NB Orbis:
#119.00. NB Lingua: #149.00.  Nota Bene & Lingua: #269.00.  Nota Bene,
Orbis & Lingua: #349.00.  Nota Bene Omni: #399.00.

Available from: (US) The Technology Group, Inc., 36 South Charles Street,
Suite 2200, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, USA. Tel: (410) 576-2040.
Fax: (410) 576-1968.
(UK) Nota Bene (UK) Ltd, Westbourne, 44 Tower Lane,
LEEDS, LS12 3SD. Tel: 0532-311-994. Fax: 0532-311-998.  Email:
(CIS) 100034,756.

NAME: Nisus

Platform: Macintosh

Requirements: Apple Macintosh with System 6.0 or higher.

Description: Originally developed in Israel, Nisus permits multi-
lingual word processing in languages such as Hebrew, English,
Arabic and Japanese.

Price: Not sure but a demo version can be obtained from the address below.

Available from: Nisus Software, Inc., Solana Beach, CA, USA.  Tel:
800-922-2993  Fax: 619-481-6154. Email: nisus@weber.ucsd.edu.
Davka Corp., 7074 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60645. Tel. 312-465-4070.
Fax: 312-262-9298.

NAME: Scripture Fonts

Platform: DOS

Requirements: Requires IBM PC or compatible with 512K
RAM, 350K - 2MB space free on hard disk, and DOS 2.1 or later.
EGA, VGA or SVGA video card.  CGA or monochrome not
supported.  Requires Word Perfect 5.0 or 5.1.  Will not work with
WordPerfect 6.0 or WordPerfect for Windows

Description: Designed exclusively for WordPerfect, ScriptureFonts
permits the displaying and printing of Greek and Hebrew characters
in any WordPerfect file.  Fully accented Greek and pointed Hebrew
can be entered.  Hebrew can be written from right-to-left and will
word-wrap.  Fonts are provided for a number of dot-matrix, ink jet
and laser printers and includes PostScript varieties of Greek and
Hebrew. Manual with keyboard charts included.

Price: Consult vendor

Available from: Zondervan Electronic Publishing, 1415 Lake Drive,
S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506, USA. Tel: 616-698-3222. Fax:

Notes:  Although the current version will not work with WP 6.0 or WP
for Windows, a version that will is due out in March 1994

NAME: Greek Tools and Hebrew Tools

Platform: DOS

Requirements:  IBM compatible PC with 512K RAM, DOS
2.11 or later, and 2MB of hard drive space.  Prints on Epson
compatible dot-matrix or Hewlett Packard compatible Laserjet II.

Description: Greek Tools permits the editing of text in Greek,
Hebrew and English.  In addition it comes with an on-line Greek
grammar, lexicon, and over 1,000 flashcards.  Each also comes with
a Greek or Hebrew textbook ("Biblical Greek/Hebrew for Beginners").

Price: US$41 each.

Available from: Parsons Technology, Parsons Technology, 375
Collins Road NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402, USA.  Tel: 1-800-223-
6925 (Technical support: 395-7314).

NAME: The Computer Linguist

Platform: DOS

Requirements: IBM-compatible PC, 512K RAM, Hard drive, VGA or Hercules
graphics card.  DOS 4.0 or higher.  WordStar 4.0 or higher.

Description: A choice of three packages, GreekStar, HebrewStar or
BibloStar (which is a combination of the former two) for WordStar.  Will
produce complete character sets of both languages.  Greek and Hebrew can
be mixed in the same document.  Accents, vowels etc enabled.

Price:  Around US$100

Available from: Techware, PO Box 10545, Eugene OR 97440, USA.
Tel: 503-343-0566.  Fax: 503-483-4302.

NAME: WinGreek 1.9

Platform: Windows

Requirements: PC IBM compatible running Windows 3 or 3.1.  The package
works best with Word for Windows 2.

Description: WinGreek is a Software Package to enable IBM
Personal Computers or Compatibles running Microsoft Windows to
use ancient Greek, Coptic, and Hebrew fonts. The current version
comes packaged with both TrueType and Postscript fonts as well as
bitmap screen fonts.  The Greek font contains full diacriticals,
accents, and breathing combinations.  The Hebrew font has
consonants, vowel points and permits bi-directional typing.  The beta
utility that works with the fonts permits the easy insertion of accents,
Hebrew vowels and breathings.  Although WinGreek comes with a
set of macros for WinWord, it is compatible with all Windows based
word-processors.  In addition, there is a useful utility to convert
CCAT text files from ASCII to Greek or Hebrew.

Price: US$35.00 or #20.00.  The product is shareware so it can be
tested before the registration fee is paid.  UK and other European
customers can send a cheque for #20.00 to the UK address above
which will then be forwarded on to the author in Canada.

Available from:  Peter J. Gentry, WinGreek, 55 Ambercroft Blvd,
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada  M1W  2Z6.  UK address: Dr. A. M.
Fountain, WinGreek, 292 Spring Road, Sholing, Southampton,
England SO2 7NX.  All mail to this address is forwarded to Canada.
WinGreek is also available by anonymous ftp.  Contact Peter Gentry
for further details (e-mail: peter@accesspt.North.Net).

Notes: Some have encountered problems with the Hebrew macros under Word
for Windows 6.  The author is currently working on a Windows Syriac font.

NAME: Silver Fonts

Platform: Windows

Requirements: IBM-compatible PC running Windows 3.1.

Description: Greek and Hebrew fonts (TrueType and Adobe Type 1) for
Windows 3.1.  Silver fonts will work with any MS-Windows compatible
word-processor.  The package includes a utility for typing Hebrew
right-to-left (which may be used with other Semitic fonts which do not
permit this), and the Greek font allows the insertion of accents and
special characters.

Price: US$20.00 registration fee.

Available from: Silver Mountain Software, 1029 Tanglewood, Cedar Hill,
Texas 75104-3019, USA. Tel/Fax: (214) 293-2920.  E-mail: john@ling.uta.edu
(John Baima, author).
Also via FTP from: oak.oakland.edu as
pub/msdos/windows3/sfonts10.zip and
ftp.cica.indiana.edu as

Notes: The $20 is refundable against the purchase of Silver Mountain's
TLG Workplace, PHI Workplace or Bible Windows (details below).

NAME: MacGreek, MacHebrew, LaserGreek, LaserHebrew, LaserSyriac and

Platform: Macintosh (and also MS-Windows)

Requirements: Apple Macintosh from SE upwards. System
6.1 upwards. (or IBM-Compatible with Windows 3.1)

Description: MacGreek: Bitmap fonts Graeca, SymbolGreek and
SSuperGreek.  36 overstrike accents & sigla.  Keyboard chart
included.  MacHebrew: Bitmap font.  Permits bi-directional typing,
vowel insertion etc.  Keyboard chart included.  LaserGreek: 3
TrueType + ATM-compatible fonts (fully scalable).  Each has 35
accents, breathing marks etc.  LaserHebrew: As MacHebrew but
including TrueType/ATM Compatible fonts.  LaserSyriac:
TrueType Estrangelo font.  No right-to-left typing.  MacPhonetics: 7
typefaces with IPA alphabet, Roman, and Semitica enabling, with
the combination of characters and accents, the reproduction of
most European and African alphabets.

Price: MacGreek: US$79.95 MacHebrew: US$79.95 (or both for
US$129.95 including MacPhonetics).  LaserGreek: US$99.95
LaserHebrew: US$99.95 (or both for US$179.95 or with
MacPhonetics: US$249.95).  LaserSyriac: US$99.95

Available from: Linguist's Software, PO. Box 580, Edmonds, WA
98020-0580, USA.  Tel: (206) 775-1130.  Fax: (206) 771-5911.

NAME: GreekKeys 7.0

Platform: Macintosh

Requirements: Apple Macintosh with at least 2MB RAM
and System 7 or higher.

Description: Three disks containing TrueType and Postscript Type 1
fonts Athenian, Attika, Symbol-Athenian, and Classical, each with
bitmapped screen fonts.  Included are full accents, breathing marks,
and papyrological symbols.

Price: US$50.00

Available from: Scholars Press Software, P.O. Box 15399 , Atlanta,
GA 30333-0399, USA. Tel: 404-636-4757.  Fax: 404-636-8301