Bible software #2/3


NAME: GreekKeys 7.0

Platform: Macintosh

Requirements: Apple Macintosh with at least 2MB RAM
and System 7 or higher.

Description: Three disks containing TrueType and Postscript Type 1
fonts Athenian, Attika, Symbol-Athenian, and Classical, each with
bitmapped screen fonts.  Included are full accents, breathing marks,
and papyrological symbols.

Price: US$50.00

Available from: Scholars Press Software, P.O. Box 15399 , Atlanta,
GA 30333-0399, USA. Tel: 404-636-4757.  Fax: 404-636-8301

NAME: Corinth 1.01 Greek Font

Platform: Macintosh
Requirements: Apple Macintosh with System 6.0 or higher.
Flashcards require Hypercard 2.1 or higher.

Description: Corinth is a TrueType font based on the Symbol font
characters.  Breathings and accents can be inserted.  The font
comes complete with a HyperCard stack which contains both a
keyboard chart and a collection of basic Greek flashcards.

Price: Free for non-commercial use.

Available from: Conrad Gempf, London Bible College, Green Lane,
Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2UW.  Email: chg10@cus.cam.ac.uk


NAME: The Jerusalem One Gopher

Platform: DOS, Windows

Requirements: Gopher client with downloading capabilities, PKunzip to
decompress files.

Description:  The Jerusalem One gopher describes itself as "The largest
Jewish and Hebrew archives on InterNET".  Here you will find shareware
hebrew word processors, fonts for DOS and Windows (including TTF), Hebrew
tutors, and Hebrew texts as well as a number of other utilities (hebrew
database software, calendars, and a pop-up Hebrew clock).  There is far
too many packages to individually document so GO-pher & see!

Price:  Some of the packages are shareware, many are free.

Available from: gopher jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il 70
Anonymous FTP jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il (still under construction.
Contact for information: Danny Schilo (schilo@jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il)


After font/word-processing software a scholarly on-line database of
biblical texts can be particularly useful.  For complete integration of
on-line bible and word processor on a PC, the installation of Windows is
recommended.  Public domain packages tend towards only supplying the KJV
since it is out of copyright; in addition few public domain packages can
provide a good edition of the Greek NT, LXX or Hebrew bible.  Thus, the
majority of the following are commercial packages.

NAME: The GramCord New Testament Greek Grammatical Concordance System

Platform: DOS, Macintosh

Requirements: IBM Compatible PC with 256K RAM, hard
drive with 3MB  free preferred.  Macintosh version known as MacCordance
which runs under System 7.

Description: Lexical concordance of the Greek New Testament.  A
parser gives a grammatical description of every word.  Versions
exist which act in conjunction with MegaWriter, WordPerfect and
NotaBene which permit the easy entry of any Greek New
Testament pericope into the word-processing document.  The Macintosh
version has a cut & paste facility for using with Mac word-processors.

Price: US$170 to US$400 depending on the version ordered.

Available from: Paul A. Miller, The GramCord Institute, 2218 NE
Brookview Drive, Vancouver, WA 98686, USA.  Tel: 206-576-3000.
Fax: 503-761-0626

Notes: A Hebrew bible version is due for release later in 1994.

NAME: TheWord Advanced Study System 3.0

Platform: DOS

Requirements: IBM compatible PC (80286 or above) with DOS 3.0 or
later.  Hard drive with 6MB free and 640K RAM.  CGA, EGA or VGA graphics
card and Mouse required.

Description: The Advanced Study System advertises itself as a complete
biblical studies database system.  It has a graphics user interface
running under DOS rather than Windows which permits the
opening of up to ten different text windows.  The basic package comes
with the KJV.  The following additional modules can be purchased: NRSV,
Strong's Dictionary, Greek New Testament (UBS 3rd ed. including Lexical
Root database and morphological tagging), and the Hebrew Bible (Text,
lexical roots, morphene text and morphological tagging).  Each database
can be linked to view, for example, the translation of a selected Greek
or Hebrew passage.  The package permits multiple grammatical searches and
the option of adding personal notes to biblical verses.  Forthcoming are
the LXX, a set of biblical maps, word-processing conversion utility, and
bible commentary.

Price: US$99.00 (basic).  NRSV US$29.99, Gk NT US$99.00, Heb. bible
US$139.99.  Demonstration disk available.

Available from: WordSoft, Word, Inc., 5221 N. O'Connor Blvd., Suite 1000,
Irving, Texas 75039, USA.  Tel: 1-800-933-9673  Fax:  1-214-721-1194.

Comments: The ability to link texts and add personal annotations makes
this more powerful than other academic packages.  I would recommend
obtaining the demo disk which is a working version with Jonah and 1 John.

NAME: Bible Windows 2.2.2

Platform: Windows

Requirements: IBM compatible PC running MS-Windows

3.1 with at least 5 MB free on hard disk (if all the texts are installed
on hard disk then 45 MB is required.  The NRSV module requires 4MB and
the Louw-Nida Lexicon 11MB).

Description: As the name suggests Bible Windows is a bible program
for Windows.  It permits full searching of not only the English Bible
(KJV, RSV & NRSV) but also the Greek New Testament, the Hebrew
Canon, the Septuagint, and the Latin Vulgate.  In addition, a module
containing a fully hypertext version of the Louw-Nida Greek-English
Lexicon of the New Testament can be purchased.  The biblical texts
all come packaged with Bible Windows or the software can be configured to
read them from the PHI CD-ROM.  Hebrew, Greek, and Coptic
TrueType & Adobe Type 1 fonts are also supplied.  The package
includes two macros for WordPerfect for Windows.  It is also
compatible with other Windows based word processors such as Word
for Windows or Ami Pro allowing for the easy insertion of biblical

Price: US$125.95. NRSV module: US$40.00.  Louw-Nida Lexicon: US$50.00.

Available from: Silver Mountain Software, 1029
Tanglewood, Cedar Hill, Texas 75104-3019, USA. Tel/Fax: (214) 293-
2920.  E-mail: john@ling.uta.edu (John Baima, author)

Also: Dove Booksellers, 24325 W. McNichols, Detroit, MI 48219 USA.

NAME: Master Search Bible (MSB)

Platform: DOS

Requirements: IBM Compatible PC with 640K RAM, DOS
3.1 or higher and CD-ROM drive.

Description: Three English versions of the bible (NIV, NASV and
KJV) with the Wycliffe biblical commentary, a biblical
encyclopaedia, and an on-line biblical atlas.  The concise version
includes the transliterated Greek and Hebrew Testaments,
dictionaries, concordance, commentary, and encyclopaedia.

Price: US$495 for the full version or US$199 for the concise version.

Available from: TriStar Publishing, 275 Gibraltar Road, Horsham, PA
19044, USA. Tel: 215-441-6400.  Fax: 215-441-6490.
EBSCO Subscription Services, PO Box 325, Topsfield,
MA 01983, USA.  Tel: 508-887-6667.  fax: 508-530-8661.

NAME: Foundation for Advanced Biblical Study (FABS) Reference
Bible System

Platform: DOS

Requirements: Requires IBM Compatible PC with 640K
RAM, DOS 3.1 or higher, CD-ROM drive, and FindIt by Innotech,
110 Silverstar Blvd, Unit 107, Scarborough, Ontario M1V 5AZ,
Canada.  Tel: 416-321-3838.  Fax: 416-321-0095.

Description: The CD-ROM contains eight English versions of the
biblical text, the Hebrew Canon, and the Septuagint.  In addition
there are a variety of study aids such as concordances, the
Deutero-canonical works, Josephus, and the Apostolic Fathers.

Price: US$395

Available from: FABS International, Inc., 146 Country manor Drive,
PO Box 427, DeFuniak Springs, Florida 32433, USA. Tel: 904-892-
6257 or 1-800-7872-6257.

NAME: CDWord Interactive Biblical Library

Platform: Windows

Requirements: IBM Compatible PC (286 or higher), 640K
RAM, 6MB hard disk space, VGA/EGA graphics card, DOS 3.1 or
higher, MS-Windows 3.0 or higher and CD-ROM drive.

Description: Sixteen biblical texts and reference sources make up
this CD-ROM.  Developed in conjunction with Dallas Theological
Seminary it contains the Greek New Testament and Septuagint, 4
English translations, both the Liddell & Scott Greek lexicon and the
Greek-English Lexicon of the New testament and Other Early
Christian Literature, Kittel's Theological Dictionary of the New
Testament and two other bible dictionaries, The Jerome Biblical
Commentary and two further commentaries.  Every Greek word can
be consulted in the lexicons and the full Boolean searching of the
texts is available.

Price: US$595

Available from: CDWord Library Inc., 2 Lincoln Centre, 5420 LBJ
Freeway LB7, Dallas, TX 752-40-6215, USA.  Tel: 214-77--2414.

Notes: CDWord is developed by: CDWord project, 3909 Swiss Avenue, Dallas,
TX 75204, USA. Tel: 214-841-3564 or 1-800-992-0998.  Fax: 214-841- 3540.
Email: MCI 332-1975 or ZRCC1001@SMUVM1.BITNET

NAME: Die Bibel. 3 Deutsche Ubersetzungen

Platform: DOS

Requirements: IBM Compatible PC with 512K RAM and
DOS 2.1 or higher.

Description: Parallel display of three German versions of the bible:
Bibel in heutigen Deutsch, Einheitsubersetzung, and Luther's
translation.  The retrieval software also includes a concordance.

Price: DM 990 + VAT.

Available from (Europe): Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Balinger Str. 31,
Stuttgart D-7000, Germany.    Fax: 0711-7181-126
(US): United Bible Society, 1865 Broadway, New York, NY 10023, USA.
Tel: 212-582-7245.

NAME: QuickVerse

Platform: Macintosh

Available from: Parsons Technology, 375 Collins Road NE, Cedar
Rapids, Iowa 52402, USA. Tel: 1-800-223-6925 (Technical support:

Requirements: Apple Macintosh or IBM PC compatible.
Requires at least 256K RAM and 3.5 MB free on hard disk.

Description: QuickVerse contains the following English translations
of the Bible: King James, Revised Standard, New international, and
new King James version.  The software permits searching for words
& phrases (with wildcard characters).

Price: Consult vendor.

Available from: Parsons Technology, 375 Collins Road NE, Cedar
Rapids, Iowa 52402, USA. Tel: 1-800-223-6925 (Technical support:

NAME: macBible

Platform: Macintosh

Requirements: Apple Macintosh with 1 MB RAM or more (2 MB recommended)

Description:  macBible offers the following versions of the Bible: the
New International Version, RSV, RSV Apocrypha, KJV, New
American Bible, Septuagint, UBS Greek New Testament, and the
Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia.  Greek and Hebrew fonts are
included in the package.  Individual books or the whole corpus can
be searched.  Results can be saved to a file (including in a specific
word-processor format).  A windows system permits up to six
versions to be displayed.

Price:  English Bible versions cost #129.95 each.  The Hebrew,
Greek, and Latin versions cost #199.95.  A demonstration disk is
available for US$5.00.

Available from: Zondervan Electronic Publishing, 1415 Lake Drive,
S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506, USA. Tel: 616-698-3222. Fax:

NAME: Judaic Classics Library (3rd Ed)

Platform: Macintosh

Requirements: Apple Macintosh, CD-ROM drive, System
6.1 or higher.

Description: The full version contains the entire rabbinic corpus
including the Talmudim and large selection of Midrashim.  Other,
later, writings are also available on the CD-ROM including the Zohar,
some ethical writings, and Rashi's biblical and Talmudic
commentary.  The software to search and retrieve the texts is
integral to the package with the ability to export text to a word
processor (which in turn must be able to convert ASCII Hebrew to a
hebrew font).  Comes with 27 page manual and 1 program disc.

Price: US$549 for the full edition.  The Babylonian Talmud is
available for US$49.95.

Available from: Davka Corp., 7074 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL
60645. Tel. 312-465-4070.  Fax: 312-262-9298

NAME: Computerised Torah Treasure

Platform: DOS

Hardware and Software: IBM PC with DOS 3.1 or higher and CD-
ROM drive.

Description: A large corpus of rabbinic literature in Hebrew
including the Tanakh, Midrashim, and the Talmudim.

Price: From US$350 to US$4,000 depending on the texts ordered.

Available from: Computerised torah Treasure, Machon Otzar
HaTorah HaMemuchshav-ATM, 59 Rabbi Akiva St., B'nei B'raq,
Israel.  Tel: 972-3-783-262.

NAME: Interpreting Manuscripts

Platform: Macintosh

Requirements: Apple Macintosh with Hypercard 2.0 or
higher and 1 MB free on the hard drive.

Description:  This is a useful and often entertaining set of Hypercard
stacks which teaches the procedures (and pitfalls) of manuscript
interpretation.  The program takes the student through the major
steps of the process, from an introduction to palaeography and
textual criticism, to visiting the manuscript vault, and ending with
the production of the final edition of a text based on the four
manuscripts studies.  The clear and concise examples are taken
from New Testament studies as so are the criteria for discerning the
original reading of the text.

Price: Free for non-commercial use.

Available from: Timothy W. Seid, Religious Studies Dept., Brown
University, Providence, RI 02912, USA. Email:relistu@brownvm.bitnet.
>From the Humanist archives on the listserv@brownvm as "HCMSS01 SITHQX",


For the serious application of computers in early Church history and
theology it will be necessary to install a CD-ROM drive on at least
one machine.  The addition of this drive will give you potential
access to the TLG and PHI CD-ROMs, as well as other research databases.
This section will detail both the available databases and a selection of
search & retrieval software for the TLG and PHI corpora.

NAME: Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)

Platform: DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Ibycus

Requirements: IBM-compatible PC or Macintosh equipped with CD-ROM drive.
For software requirements see below.

Description:  The TLG project is an on-going project to provide virtually
all ancient Greek texts surviving from the period between Homer (8th
century B.C.) and A.D. 600, plus historiographical, lexicographical, and
scholiastic texts deriving from the period between 600 and 1453. The
current version (#D) contains 58 million words out of a total of 69
million.  The verification of the remainder are in progress.  Three
thousand authors with 8,000 works are available on one CD-ROM.  The texts
are transliterated into ASCII 'Beta Code' which are then interpreted by
the software to display Greek characters complete with accents etc.

Price:  Institutional license: US$850.00 (five years)
        Individual license: US$500.00 (five years)
        Site License: US$3,500.00 (five years)
The above licenses include the provision of upgrades at no extra cost.

Available from: TLG Project, University of California at Irvine, 345
Berkeley Place Irvine, CA 92717 USA.  Tel: (714) 856-7031 Fax: (714)
856-8434 E-mail: tlg@uci.edu


Platform: DOS

Requirements:  IBM-compatible PC with DOS 3.0 or later.  640K RAM,
hard disk, and CD-ROM drive.

Description:  The CETEDOC CD-ROM contains the texts which form the Corpus
Christianorum, Series Latina and Continuatio Medievalis.  In addition it
has a number of texts not yet published by CCL.  Thus the CD-ROM includes
the complete work of Augustine, Jerome, and Gregory the Great.  The
search and retrieval software is included with the text corpora.

Price: BF94,000 for CD-ROM and standing order for updates.  BF 125,000
for single copy without updates.  Individuals at institutions which have
purchased it may obtain it for half-price.

Available from: Brepols Publishers, Baron Frans du Fourstraat 8, B-2300
Turnhout, Belgium.  Tel: 32-14-41-54-63  Fax: 32-14-42-89-57

NAME: Patrologia Latina Database

Platform: Windows

Requirements:  IBM-compatible PC (80386/486) with DOS 3.1 or higher
and MS-Windows 3.1;  4 MB RAM; hard drive with 5MB free. EGA/VGA graphics
card; CD-ROM drive (multiple drive recommended).

Description:  The PL database aims to place all 221 volumes of Migne's
Patrologia Latina on a set of CD-ROMs including the critical
apparatus and supplementary texts found in the printed volumes.  The
texts have been encoded to permit a wide variety of searches.

Price:  UK#30,000 which includes each release.  Approx. UK#9,500 for each
release separately (three stages anticipated from Oct 1993 - Autumn
1994).  Three sets of the CD-ROM are provided in each purchase permitting
its use between departments etc.

Available from: Chadwyck-Healey Ltd, Cambridge Place, Cambridge CB2 1 NR,
UK.  Tel: 0223-311-479 Fax: 0223-66-440.
In United States:  Chadwyck-Healey Inc., 1101 King Street, Alexandria, VA
22314.  Tel:  800-752-0515 or 703-683-4890.  Fax: 703-683-7589.

NAME: Packard Humanities Institute CD-ROMs

Platform: DOS, Windows, Macintosh, or Ibycus.

Requirements:  IBM-compatible PC or Macintosh computer equipped
with CD-ROM drive.  Software is available separately as for TLG.

Description:  Two CD-ROMs: 1) Version 5.3 contains classical latin texts
to 200AD and several biblical texts (LXX, Hebrew, Vulgate, KJV, RSV and
Coptic NT).  2) Version 6 contains over 32,000 Greek papyrii and 87,000
inscriptions.  Also included is the Nag Hammadi library.

Price:  License US$40-60 per annum or US$100-150 per three years.

Available from: The Packard Humanities Institute, 300 Second Street,
Suite 201, Los Altos, CA 94022, USA.  Tel: 415-948-0150.  Fax:
415-948-5793.  E-mail: xb.m07@stanford.bitnet

NAME: In Principio: Incipit Index of Latin Texts

Platform: DOS

Requirements: IBM compatible PC with MS-DOS 3.1 or
higher with CD-ROM drive.

Description: Collection of incipits in which the manuscripts
containing the text are named along with the author of the
manuscripts and known bibliographic references.  By the end of
1993 it is planned to replace the current CD-ROM which contains
incipits A-L with the full A-Z list.

Price: BEF 100,000.  Discount on multiple copies.

Available from: Brepols Publishers, steenweg op Tielen 68, B-2300
Turnhout, Belgium.  Tel: 321-440-2500.  Fax: 321-442-8919.

Notes: In Principio is developed by: Institut de Recherche et d'Histoire
des Textes, Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique, Centre Felix
Grat, 40 Avenue d'Iena, F-75116 Paris, France.  Tel: 331-47-23-61-40. Fax:

NAME: Thomae Aquinatis Opera Omnia cum hypertextibus in CD-ROM

Platform: Not specified

Requirements:  Not specified.

Description: Thomas Aquinas on CD-ROM contains his complete
works with an additional 61 works which are related to the former.
The words in each text have been tagged to allow 'hypertext'
moving from work to work enabling comparisons to be made at
different levels (within a single work, between Aquinas' own work,
and between Aquinas and works of the same era or genre).  The CD-
ROM is intended by the author to be complementary to the printed
Index Thomisticus.

Price: US$1000 inc. shipping etc.

Available from: Egidio Pentiraro, EDITEL, Via Savona 112/1, 20144
Milano, Italy.  Tel: 39-248-952-533.  Fax: 39-248-954-414.

Notes: The texts have been developed by: Roberto Busa S.J., CAEL -
Aloisianum, 21013 Gallarate, Italy.  Tel: 39-331-780-431.  Fax:

Search and retrieval software for TLG and PHI CD-ROMs

NAME: LBase 6.05

Platform: DOS

Requirements: IBM-Compatible with 640K RAM; Hard
Disk; DOS 4.0 or higher.  CD-ROM drive preferred though not
essential if a large amount of space free on hard drive.

Description: Set of tools for biblical  research which can also be used
with the TLG and PHI CD-ROMs.  The software can also come
packaged with the Westminster Hebrew bible, a Hebrew dictionary,
the Greek New Testament, and the Septuagint.  LBase will also
export to files suitable for most main-stream word processors
(though fonts for each word processor will be required to display,
edit, and print Greek or Hebrew texts).

Price: US$249.95 (basic) With biblical texts in Eng, Gk, Heb:

Available from:  Silver Mountain Software, 1029
Tanglewood, Cedar Hill, Texas 75104-3019, USA. Tel: (214) 293-2920.
E-mail: john@ling.uta.edu (John Baima, author).

NAME: Musaios 1.0b (was Scriptorium 1.0)

Platform: Windows

Requirements: IBM compatible PC 80386 or better, 2 MB
of RAM (4 MB recommended), VGA or SVGA display, CD ROM
drive, and Windows 3.1 with WinGreek fonts (see above).

Description: Musaios provides a Windows environment in which to view the
Greek texts on the TLG CD-ROM.  Texts can be viewed simultaneously, and
searches can be undertaken in the background. There is the opportunity to
create author lists for searching and Musaios also supports the TLG word
index (version #D).  Excerpts from texts can be exported easily to Windows
word-processors via the Clipboard.  An upgrade to Musaios 1.0b for
exisiting Scriptorium users is also availble.

Price: Scriptorium 1 was available for US$40 but check with the author
for latest prices.

Available from: Musaios, attn.: Darl J. Dumont, 15237 Sunset
Boulevard, Suite 20, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, USA.  E-mail:
ddumont1@cerf.net (Dumont) or rsmith1@cerf.net (Smith).
Via FTP from ftp.cerf.net as /pub/vendor/musaios/mus10b.exe [full version]
                          or /pub/vendor/misaios/upgrd10b.exe [upgrade]

Notes: Macintosh version forthcoming.  Version 1.0b is an interim version
before the release of ver. 1.1.

NAME: TLG Workplace for Windows 3.0

Platform: windows

Requirements:  IBM compatible PC 80368 or better, at
least 2MB RAM, Windows 3.1, CD-ROM drive, and TLG CD-ROM
version #D.  The Borland bwcc.dll dynamic link library is also

Description: Search the TLG corpus in a Windows environment.
Single or multi-author search supported, as is the TLG word index.
Ability to search within a specified date range, create author lists,
search using Boolean logic, and export directly to a word-processor.
Authors can be searched on hard disk if preferred.  Workplace comes with
Hebrew, Greek and Coptic TrueType fonts.

Price: US$85.  There is also available PHI Workplace 3.0 for the PHI
CD-ROMs #5 & #6 and Coptic Workplace 1.1  which views and
searches the Coptic New Testament and the Nag Hammadi library on the PHI
CD-ROM #6. All three Workplaces can be purchased for US$145.

Available from: Silver Mountain Software, 1029
Tanglewood, Cedar Hill, Tel: 214-293-2920.  TX: 75104.  E-mail:
john@ling.uta.edu (John Baima, author)

Notes: Demo version available via FTP from oak.oakland.edu as
pub/msdos/cdrom/tlgwp301.zip (Demo version cannot print or copy text).

NAME:  Pandora 2.5

Platform: Macintosh

Requirements:  Apple Macintosh, System 6 or later, at
least 2 MB RAM (4 MB recommended), CD-ROM drive,
Hypercard 2.1 or later, and a Greek font (GreekKeys or SuperGreek

Description:  Pandora enables the searching of the TLG corpus on
the Apple Macintosh.  It is a Hypercard stack which enables a
variety of different search and browsing options.  The ability to do
'complex searches' permits the user to find passages with a
combination of words in a number of authors.  A search of the full
TLG corpus can also be undertaken and Pandora supports the TLG
word index.  Selected texts can be exported in RTF format to Mac-
supported word-processors.

Price:  US$50

Available from: Scholars Press, c/o Professional Book Distributors, PO
Box 6996, Alpharetta, GA 30239-6996, USA. Tel: 1-800-437-6692
or 404-442-8633.  Fax: 404-442-9742.

Notes: Pandora has been developed by: Elli Mylonas, Perseus Project,
Department of the Classics, 319 Boylston Hall, Harvard University,
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA.  Tel: 617-495-9025 Fax: 617-496-8886.
(Technical support: elli@ikaros.harvard.edu)

NAME: TLG Engine 2.0.2

Platform: Macintosh

Requirements: Apple Macintosh, System 6.0 or higher,
2MB RAM, CD-ROM drive.

Description: Browse any TLG author with the SuperGreek font.  Will
export to any Macintosh word-processor.  There is also a transfer
window for Microsoft Word for Mac.  The current version is
compatible with TLG version #D.

Price: US$99.95

Available from:  Linguist's Software, P.O. Box 580, Edmonds, WA
98020-0580, USA.  Tel: (206) 775-1130.  Fax: (206) 771-5911.