John 1:1

I have just recently completed an overview
of most everything that has been written by this group
about John 1:1.

I am simply confused...

I believe that Jesus IS God. According to trinitarian
concepts of creation, worship and who raised Jesus from the
dead, yet,

In all the posts I did not see one equivocation that
John 1:1 means....Jesus IS God.

It is frustrating...

I am a laymen Greek scholar, who sees the experts not ever
resolving what is aparently a not so simple concept.

Does anyone have a simple bottom line?

Is Jesus GOD?  (I KNOW HE IS)

But the debate over theos and such does appear elusive
at best.

However IMVHO, the Holy Spirit has most certainly revealed
to me that Jesus is GOD, and that the use of John 1:1-14
is most certainly proof text for this belief, to include
Heb 1:8, Neh 9:6, Gen 1:26 and on and on....

Can anyone help a lay person understand?

I see postings that declare that John 1:1 does not mean what
is written in English and then I hear vague postings about
a man named Origen who believed the trinitarian position that
John 1:1 means what it says in english.

A simple ****HELP****