Re: Help me understand...

Let me see if I can help you understand.  I've been monitoring the
stauros/etc. thread with interest for some time now.  The contributors
essentially fall into two categories:  those who have a genuine scholarly
interest in (and who are qualified to deal with) textual phenomena, and
those who have a "child-like love for Him and His word."  My own view goes
as follows: those who have a "child-like love for Him and His word" 
wouldn't know beans about that word in the first place, were it not for
those whose philological skills made it accessible.  To the best of my
knowledge, biblical texts and/or translations have not been dropping fully
grown out of trees. Personally, I'm not in the "child-like love" camp, but
I've got no quarrel with it either.  By the same token, however, I most
certainly don't have any disrespect for scholarship.
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