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In a message dated 07-27-94  David.Wigtil wrote to Steve Schaper:
 D> Please read your early Christian literature!      You  m_u_s_t  look
 D> at documents like the "Epistle of Barnabas" from the early second
 D> century.  It clearly and unequivocally equates the symbol named
 D> "tau", which we recognize from the epigraphy of the time as virtually
 D> idendical to our capital "T", with the cross on which Jesus was
 D> killed.  It goes even further and makes various theological and
 D> numerological arguments based on the equation of T (tau) with the 
 D> cross.  Barnabas is in (easy) Greek and easily procurable...hardly an
 D> obscure text.      King Olaf died in the 11th century; I have seen
 D> his gravesite.  I have a great deal of concern about your omission of
 D> some basic historical evidence.  Please be more cautious in your
 D> proclamations, and heed the warning of Euripides shown below.
 I _really_ should have said "I think".
As to Barnabas, I look forward to the Electronic Bible Society getting
Lightfoot or some other reasonably good production of the sub-Apostolic
Fathers on CD-ROM. A poor student like me can4t afford the hardcopy volumes,

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