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In a message dated 07-27-94 "Todd A. Sukany" wrote to Steve Schaper:
 "S> My question...Are the discussions at hand helping us to understand
 "S> our relationship with the Father or are we stating that we have
 "S> forgotten in what the people Jesus died to save are really
 "S> interested?  Let us return to the time in our lives when the crisis
 "S> of the gospel first called us to Jesus.  Let us return to the
 "S> child-like love for Him and His word.  Let us leave anything which
 "S> will not directly help us fulfill His calling on each of our lives.
 In the West, especially among college students and adults, one does have to
have answers to these questions. You must realize that we do not live in the
16th century. People no longer have the Christian worldview, they generally
speaking, have a post-modern mindset where what you are saying would not even
be understood correctly unless you put real effort into understanding their
worldvie w and communicating to them in a way that they really would
understand. And then answer their very real questions, including those they
have been inoculated with by those who oppose Christianity, and
logocentricism in general.

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