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In a message dated 07-26-94 Carl Conrad wrote to Steve Schaper:
 CC> imilarly, where is the mountain of the transfiguration? Is it or
 CC> does it become Sinai? Is it geographically within Palestine? Is it
 CC> the same mountain upon which the risen Jesus appears to the
 CC> disciples in Matthew 28, supposedly in Galilee, but still rather
 CC> vague? Here we are in the realm of what the form critics call myth, 
 CC> the narration of the supernatural event, wherein descriptive
 CC> terminology points beyond a literal meaning to a transcendental
 CC> significance of an occurrence.
 FWIW, this seminary student thinks that there may be a very practical reason
the specific har is not mentioned. - Danger of idolotrous worship - the same
reason that Gideon4s ephod and the bronze snake that Moses had in the desert
had to be destroyed (perhaps even Aaron Adonai Elohay Yisrael as well?).

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