New Subject Please How about Abortion!

I said
<<The Bible does talk about Abortion in Ex 21:22-25
What it says (KJV) is that when men accidentally fight and cause a women to
abort, but do not hurt the woman, they are to pay a large fine suggested by
the husband and overseen by the judges. But if the women dies, they are to be
killed themselves.  

The LLX gives what I think is the correct version of this. In the LLX it says
that if the aborted fetus has form, it is murder and the men must die. If the
aborted fetus does not have form, then they pay a fine. Since this is the way
all mideastern law worked this seems to me to be the correct way to view
abortion-Abortion in the last two trimester is murder, in the first trimester
is not.>>
The responce to this was:
<<Nice try at sidestepping the question.  So what is the form?  First of
all, there is nothing in the Hebrew about "form."  Second, in the LXX
the word you want to translate "form" is based NOT on the Greek word for
physical form, "MORFE," but on the Greek word for likeness or image,
"EIKOON."  So you have made a couple of logical blunders yourself: 1)
you have equated what some 2nd or 3rd century BC Alexandrians Jews
thought would be a reasonable translation with the Word of God --
without warrant or excuse. 2) You have mistranslated the Greek word
"EXEIKONISMENON." As a result, you have confused the physical form of
the fetus for the likeness or image it has (most conservative biblical
scholars would agree -- from conception onward) as a human being.>>

So my question is Am I out on a limb here with regard to the LLX. Does it say
form or image?