Re: Boswell (was Re: Lexicons)

<<I think it would be completely unnecessary to demonstrate how Paul 
rejected much of the arbitary legislation of the Pentateuch; that is 
sufficiently well known.>>

If you and Paul reject the OLd Testament Why the argument about What LEv
means? Why not just say it is <<arbitary>> and leave it at that. I totally
reject the common false assumption that Paul was against the OT. Read Romans
7 where He said that the Law was Holy just and Good Not <<arbitary>>. He said
that the problem was with us not with the law. 

<<I have, though, demonstrated that even the 
Leviticus 18:22, 20:13 passages do not reflect the general condemnation 
of homosexual behavior as usually assumed.>>

Only to your satisfaction greg no one elses.

<<Reading arsenokoitai "homosexuals" is an example of eisegesis.  
Homophobes who want to find condemnations of homosexuals in the Bible 
are capable of reading their prejudice into any given passage.>>

Greg everyone but you is quilty of eisegesis. 

On Judgement Day We will be held accountable if we fail to warn teh sinner of
his error See Ezekial Where the watchman is accountable for the destruction
of the people if he fails to warn them, but not responsible if he does warn
them, even if they do not listen. 

I will let you get the last word in if you want to greg. I will not respond
again. I will even tell you why from the OT book of proverbs.

"answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him"