Re: Boswell (was Re: Lexicons)

On Fri, 16 Sep 1994 DDDJ@aol.com wrote:

> <<I think it would be completely unnecessary to demonstrate how Paul 
> rejected much of the arbitary legislation of the Pentateuch; that is 
> sufficiently well known.>>

Well, that's properly a theological point, not a linguistic one, although 
it had indirect bearing on whether or not Paul would be restating a 
Levitical law in condemning term "arsenokoitas,"  since it is in fact the 
usual reason anti-gay Christians give for observing (as they think) 
Lev. 18:22 - that is, that Paul reconfirmed it.  If you think Paul 
observed the Pentateuch then you are going to have to explain why Paul 
condemned circumcision, dietary laws, cleanliness laws, etc.  Read 
Galatians for a general diatribe against all of the above.

> If you and Paul reject the OLd Testament Why the argument about What LEv
> means? Why not just say it is <<arbitary>> and leave it at that. I totally
> reject the common false assumption that Paul was against the OT. Read Romans
> 7 where He said that the Law was Holy just and Good Not <<arbitary>>. He said
> that the problem was with us not with the law. 


> <<I have, though, demonstrated that even the 
> Leviticus 18:22, 20:13 passages do not reflect the general condemnation 
> of homosexual behavior as usually assumed.>>
> Only to your satisfaction greg no one elses.

Again, if you have a cogent reason for dismissing my argument, then give 
it.  Otherwise I'll assume you don't understand my point or have biased 
reasons for rejecting it.

> <<Reading arsenokoitai "homosexuals" is an example of eisegesis.  
> Homophobes who want to find condemnations of homosexuals in the Bible 
> are capable of reading their prejudice into any given passage.>>
> Greg everyone but you is quilty of eisegesis. 

I could only wish.  (I think you meant to accuse me of eisegesis).

> On Judgement Day We will be held accountable if we fail to warn teh sinner of
> his error See Ezekial Where the watchman is accountable for the destruction
> of the people if he fails to warn them, but not responsible if he does warn
> them, even if they do not listen. 

If heterosexist Christians limited themselves to "warning" gays that they 
might be sinning by some of their actions, like the Orthodox Jews who 
warn others not to eat cheeseburgers, then the whole issue might be a 
tempest in a teapot.  On the other hand, the reality is that heterosexist 
Christians have organized throughout the U.S. and world to deprive gays 
and lesbians and bisexuals of their basic human rights, as if their 
mere existence were an active attack on the heterosexual community.  But 
I don't mean to get into a political discussion.  Suffice it to say that 
Ezekiel preached repentance from *real* sins, not harrassment of 
so-called sinners, which has always been the special preoccupation of the 
Pharisee and hypocrite.

> I will let you get the last word in if you want to greg. I will not respond
> again. I will even tell you why from the OT book of proverbs.

I think you're under the mistaken impression that I am responding 
personally to you - I'm not.

> "answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him"

If you didn't want to be disturbed by my folly, you could always have 
just deleted my posts.  I really didn't mean to tinker with you 
personal beliefs, because Proverbs also says:

"Better to come between a she-bear and her cubs, than a fool and his folly."

Greg Jordan