Thank You

I would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to provide me with the
information that I requested.  I was not sure that I would get any responses
and, instead, have been overwhelmed.  Thank you for taking the time to help
me out.  I thought I would give you a quick update on the comments I have
received so far.

Of the books that I orginally listed, I received the most positive remarks for:
   _New Testament Greek for Beginners_ by JG Machen
   _NT Greek: A Beginning-Intermediate Grammar_ James A Hewett
   _The Language of the New Testament_ by Eugene Goetchius
Machen's book got the most number of positive responses, but it is also the
only book that received any negative responses.

A real surprise was the number of people who recommended _Basics of Biblical
Greek_ by William Mounce.  I did not even know of this book, yet it has 
received only one fewer positive comments than Machen's book (and no negative
comments to date).

I also received a couple of recommendations for _Fundamental Greek Grammar_ 
by James W. Voelz.

Other books that I did not know of, but were recommended by one person each:
   _Essentials of New Testament Greek_ by Ray Summers
   _Learn New Testament Greek_ by John H. Dobson
   _Elements of New Testament Greek_ by JW Wenham
   _Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a Day_ by Jim Found
   _A Grammar for New Testament Greek_ James Efird

Please feel free to provide more information.  I will not make a decision on
a book until sometime next week.

Again, thanks for all of the help!

Dennis Burke