Re: Boswell (was Re: Lexicons)

Is it possible to call a moratorium on the discussions of Boswell and Lev 
18?  Personally I think it has been thrashed about more than enough.  Both 
sides have presented their arguments and have evidently done some work with 
the texts involved, but we have lately gotten involved in primarily 
accusing each other of eisegesis (may I remind us that most interpretation/ 
translation involves a degree of eisegesis).  We have allowed a discussion 
of Greek to degenerate into insinuations of motives, homophobia, 
heterophobia, poor exegesis, and overall poor scholarship.  B-Greek is no 
place for these kinds of exchanges and I sincerely hope that they stop.  
The bottom line--we on this discussion group do not reach a consensus on 
Lev 18 or Paul regarding homosexuality and the expression thereof.  Boswell 
has been vilified and defended, but we have reached no common ground.  
Suffice it to say, homosexuals and heterosexuals alike are guilty of 
reading Scripture to fit their agenda and none of us have a corner on the 
market of proper exegesis (although we all seem to participate somewhat in 
the eisegesis part!)!  From this point on, I will be deleting all messages 
from B-Greek with headings dealing with Boswell, Lev 18, or related topics.  
Let's get back to Greek!

Leo Percer