I apologize to those who may have been bored by some of my conversation with
Greg Jordan.  I'll try to keep my posts on topic.  Nevertheless, there was a
sentence in one of his recent posts that got me looking into something that I
believe should be productive in an on-topic sense.

	He said:

GJ>If you have trouble with words that end in -phobic, I 
GJ>suggest you buy a new unabridged dictionary.

	His suggestion to look up the second foot of a compound word made me realize
we had dealt with other words that begin with ARREN- (=ARSEN-) in considering
ARSENOKOITHS, but we had not even mentioned any other words that have -KOITHS
for their second foot.  I was able to find a couple of examples by paging
through Liddell & Scott.  The first was DOULOKOITHS which L&S translate
"Consorting with slaves." The definition sounds bland, but when you consider
that it is equated with DOULOMIKTHS and DOULOGAMOS the meaning becomes
clearer.  The DOULOKOITHS reference is from Paulus Alexandrinus Astrologus
(vi A.D.) O.2 which I don't have readily available, so am unable to give any
notes on the context.  The other word is MHTROKOITHS which L&S define
"incestuous person."  The reference is from Hippon (v B.C.) 14.  Again I am
unable to give any notes on the context.

	If someone has search software that has the capacity to pick out component
parts of words and would be willing to do a search, we could probably come up
with several more examples that could help elucidate Paul's use of the
compound ARSENOKOITHS in 1Cor. 6:9.

David Moore