Re: Request for information


you wrote (to me directly, but I send this to the list as well, maybe
other want to comment on it):
>                             One book that I forgot to mention was,
> _Learn Greek New Testament_ by James H. Dobson.  Someone responded to me
> and recommended it.

Yep, that's the one I used as well. I found it very well thought out.
Often, after having learned something, I started thinking 'but then
what about ...' -- only to discover that the next chapter dealt with
precisely that information. I'm not normally good at learning a great
deal of ready-knowledge, like long word lists. But I found, when going
over my little notebook with greek words that I could in fact remember
well over 95% of them. I attribute that to the programmatic approach of
the book.

My brother in law studied greek at Spurgeons college in London, and
I learned about the book from him because they use it there for
first year's greek.

I have another book, "Linguistic key to the Greek New Testament" by
Fritz Reinecker and another guy. It is not a book to learn greek from,
nor is it a 'state-of-the-art' book, but it goes through the NT, verse
by verse, giving parsing info and some further background for difficult
and unusual words. It does only list one or a few of the 'main' ways of
translating the verses, but it does provide for a good start when
you're in a hurry (say, preparing a sermon for tomorrow... :-)

After that, you need to consult BAGD or whatever...

-- Per.

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