Hunting for an uncommon grammar

I just ran across an intriguing reference in a dissertation from U. Sheffield
to a grammar by D. Durie, _Greek Grammar: A Concise Grammar of NT Greek_.
Canberra, Austrailia, privately printed, 1981. I've hunted through the
catalogs from nearly a dozen universities and can't locate a copy. Is anyone
familiar with it or have suggestions as to where I might search? How about an
Austrailian contact/university online adress there maybe?

The univ. cats. I've browsed tonight include: U./Minn.; Northwestern U.;
Purdue; U./Mich.; Ind.U.; Penn State; U./IL/Chicago; U. Chicago; U./Iowa;
U.Missouir/KC; and maybe a few othrs I've forgotten.

Thanks for your help.

Rodney J. Decker
Assistant Professor of Greek and Theology
Calvary Theological Seminary, Kansas City
(94-95 sabbatical explains the Univ. of Wisc. address!)