Use of imperfect in Luke 23:34


I was intrigued with your handling of the verbs in Luke 23:34. YouUre 
the first IUve seen use the aspectual understanding of the tenses that 
Stan Porter proposed in his Sheffield dissertation and then popularized 
in his Idioms of the Gk. NT. Would I be correct in assuming that was the 
source of your position, or is this approach being advocated elsewhere 
as well?

I worked through Idioms last year and am now in the thick of his 
published diss. (if 160 pgs. can be called "the thick of it"!) as part 
of a doctoral advanced Gk. grammar class.



Rodney J. Decker
Assistant Professor of Greek and Theology
Calvary Theological Seminary, Kansas City
(94-95 sabbatical explains the Univ. of Wisc. address!)