Re: Luke 23:34a

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>MADAVIDS@us.oracle.com (Mary Ann Davidson) wrote:
>>I have a question about the use of the imperfect form of legw in Luke 23:34 
>>(Jesus *said*, father, forgive them for they do not know what they do.) 
[much deleted]

>	Luke 23:34a is among those passages that are not supported by the best
>manuscript evidence, but are included as part of the Nestle (and UBS) text
>because of their antiquity, their dignity and their influence in the history
>of the church.

Well, if being missing from 2 manuscripts indicates lack of support, I guess 
that's that.  I would have thought that UBS would have classified it as {A} 
text, because it was in the first hand of Sinaticus, which UBS generally 
values very highly (much more than I do.)  Its presence in Alexandrinus in a 
slight variation (o de Ihsous eipen afes autois ou gar oidasin ti toiousin) 
certainly attests to the antiquity of the text.
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