has anyone tried this?

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Thank you for offering to send out your paper to those who are
interested. There is a more convenient way: You can send your paper to
the "Computation and Language E-Print Archive", from where everyone
will be able to retrieve it with a simple email command.  This is a
fabulous, priceless resource. Please support it by subscribing to it,
submitting you papers to it, and then telling all your friends and
colleagues about it. Here is how to get more information (taken from
their announcement):

>For further information about (among other topics) submission of papers to the
>server, subscribing or canceling your subscription, requesting full text of
>any of the papers above, retrieving macro files for these papers, searching
>past listings, or submitting comments to the server operators, send a message:
>   Subject: help
>or, better yet, access the hypertext help information through the WWW/Mosaic
>interface at "http://xxx.lanl.gov/cmp-lg/".

--Alex Franz