Re: Latin language module?

On Mon, 10 Oct 1994 J.D.F.=van=Halsema%BW_KG%TheoFilos@esau.th.vu.nl wrote:

> Subject: Latin language module?
> Right now I'm doing a lot of work on Quintilian and Cicero (for my PhD New 
> Testament project at Free University Amsterdam). What I miss however is a 
> Latin language dictionary and thesaurus for use within WP51. Of course I can 
> make one myself, but it will take ages before a dictionary of considerable 
> size has been formed.  
> A question to the wordperfect FAQ list at ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu did not return 
> a meaningful answer. It did show however that I am not the only one looking 
> for such a dictionary!                  
> Question: has anyone ever come across a Latin language module for WP51?
> Erik van Halsema <J.d.f.van_halsema@esau.th.vu.nl>

If you do a veronica gopher search by title word via U. of Manitoba 
gopher server using latin as the search word you will find a latin 
directory in which there is a latin wordlist (149K text file) that could 
be downloaded and retrieved into WP51 from which a search or cut/paste 
could be performed. It's not a thorough lexicon but you may want to look 
at it. Using a similar search you may also find something better.


Chuck Arnold
Upper Marlboro, MD