Onoma in Mt. 28:19

Matt. 28:19 has frequently been used in (traditional, orthodox) 
discussions of the trinity in light of the singular onoma followed 
by three personal designations linked by kai (tou patros kai tou 
hiou kai tou hagiou pneumatos). This is the only occurence of such 
a construction in the NT (based on acCordance search: onoma + gen. 
art. w. noun + kai + gen. art. w. noun). I wondered if there might 
be similar use in extra biblical Greek, but donUt have access to 
TLG to check. It would be significant (I think) if the singular 
onoma were ever used with multiple names/titles/designations in 
pre-biblical Greek. Has anyone ever run across such a construction 
or would anyone with TLG access (and the time to do so!) care to 
run a search? Thanks.


Rodney J. Decker
Assistant Professor of Greek and Theology
Calvary Theological Seminary, Kansas City
(94-95 sabbatical explains the Univ. of Wisc. address!)