Re: Q

The Gospel of Thomas is not proof for the existance of Q.  For one thing, 
while certain elements of the gospel can be traced to the early second or 
late first century, the gospel itself is too late.  Second, GosThomas 
very clearly tells us from the beginning that it is a collection of 
secret sayings-this does nothing to prove that a Sayings Source existed 
and was used by M and L in the issuing of their gospels.  Third, there 
are also many instances of parallels to M material only-again not 
sufficient to prove or even suggest that GosThomas is using Q anymore 
that it could be accessing "Q" material through M.  There is even a 
parallel to I Cor 2.  Please before flame throwers are fired up note that 
this isn't a response to the existance of Q or its use as a theoretical 
construct (not yet at least), but is simply a response to Greg's 
assertion that GosThom may be taken as proof or at least suggestion that 
such a thing existed.

-Larry Swain
Parmly Billings Library