Re: Which do I seek ?

Your posting, however well intentioned, shows a misunderstanding of the 
nature of this discussion group, where it really does not belong. This 
group has been established for discussion of issues of shared concern in 
the critical interpretation of New Testament texts, particularly as they 
emerge in the study of the Greek text of the NT. Although the stricture 
that this is not a place for promulgation of one's confessional stance or 
evangelization gets violated in minor ways repeatedly simply because we 
are human and our faith impacts upon what we believe to be the truth, 
still it is imperative that we respect each other's differences and even 
that we not assume that our readers are even believers. As for the whole 
set of questions concerning the Q hypothesis, while you and some others 
on the list may suppose that it is the devil's snare to lead us away from 
faith, it is quite evident that many sincere believers do NOT find it to 
be so and have, in fact, found no problem with separating the questions 
of how the existing text of the New Testament came to be in its present 
state and whether the New Testament is a rule of faith and practice. 
Let's please try to sustain a level of discussion that deals with 
critical issues seriously but avoids preaching and/or name-calling.

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