Re: Which do I seek ?

I basically agree with your reply, but I would like to make some 
observations:  1)In the short time I have been on this mailing list, I have 
seen numerous cases of labeling and name-calling, and 2)I believe the point 
made was relevant.

I also have a question: Do we really have to forget about our faith in 
order to have an "academic" study.  I am not a Bible scholar.  I 
subscribed to this list because I have studied NT Greek in my spare time 
and thought that I may learn something from reading the observations of 
those who are studying it full-time.  But do Q discussions really 
belong here?  Q is not an existing document.  While studying the possible 
form and content of such a document is certainly interesting and 
challenging, it is not an actual Greek text.

If we decide Q discussions do belong here, then it seems we should 
certainly allow the discussion of one's opinions of Q study (I hope you 
agree, since that's what this post is).  I will not say Q is a waste of 
time, but I have no interest in studying it intellectually.  If an actual 
document or reference to it is found, this is interesting, but I 
primarily want better understanding of the NT and the actual events it 
records and the reason is based in my belief in Jesus Crist.

I think I will remain subscribed for the reasons stated above, although 
my schedule and limited knowledge of greek will allow me to make very few 
posts.  I hope to see more discussion of NT text in the future.

				Grace and peace in JC,
				John Whitlock :-)

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