Re: Q and Papias

Regarding the Q and Papias thread I wrote:

> As a Christian, my question is:  What position did the Holy Spirit take with
> regard to influencing EXACT similarities within these passages?  I nominate
> Him for alternative # (5) above.

I thank several of you who replied. Unfortunately, I received one response 
(below) that tells me I may have offended at least one person. I truly 
regret this and apologize. I am new to this service (2 days!) and am also a 
neophyte with the subject matter.  I only mentioned I was a Christian 
because I read an earlier message that informed another new user that not 
all subscribers to this list are in fact Christians. I thought I could avoid 
getting the same response by stating my own point of reference.  I had no 
earthly idea my response could be taken the way it was by at least one 
person.  Again, my apologies if I offended anyone.  


Dick Ruble

I'm a saved, born-again believer myself, but I found your response
     arrogant and offensive.  You not only called everyone who disagrees
     with you a non-Christian, but belittled their arguments at the same
     time with a flippant remark (even if a lot of this stuff is completely
     erroneous).  This does not a good witness make.