Re[2]: Q and Papias

     I agree.  Actually, I see the birth narrative as absolutely essential 
     to the purpose of Matthew and not particularly important to Mark.  It 
     is crucial in Matthew that the lineage of the Messiah be demonstrated 
     conclusively for the Jewish audience.  There is also a strong desire 
     to show the miraculous nature of the birth and it's place in fulfilled 
     prophecy.  Since Mark has a different orientation, I really think that 
     the birth narrative would have been lost on most of his audience since 
     they might not have had the background to understand it anyway.
     Somehow we miss the fact that these books are tightly-knit narratives 
     with strong purpose and a definite audience; not just loosely woven 
     collections of "material".
     Mike Thompson

>That depends on whether you see the birth narrative as "tacked on" or as 
>a piece of the whole cloth of the gospel.  I don't think we can seperate 
>out the birth story as some sort of detachable prologue, and say that 
>the "main" gospel to start with shared Markan material.
>-Larry Swain
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