Re: Q and Papias

On Thu, 27 Oct 1994, Stephen Carlson wrote:
> > How can literary relationship between Luke and Matthew be conclusively 
> > denied in the face of extended passages that have identical Greek text? 
> > To me that is explicable in very few ways: (1) Mt copied Lk; (2) Lk 
> > copied Mt; (3) Lk & Mt both copied a third source; (4) the identical 
> > texts sprang like Athena from the head of Zeus. It is not simply a matter 
> > of similar accounts of similar or the same events told by different 
> > witnesses to the same events, but of identical Greek text in several 
> > passages. 
> Another possibility is scribal harmonization, though the textual evidence
> is meager.  Do we have good 2nd and 3rd century witness for the nearly
> identical passages in Mt and Lk?

It's an interesting thought, but it seems a pretty slim limb to hang a 
reasonable alternative on.  I'd be willing to explore this possibility, 
but I wouldn't be surprised if someone out there doesn't already have an 
answer. It's a matter of checking the extent of texts in MSS earlier than 
4th c, as I suppose the critical apparatus gives adequate information on 
any significant variants from the "commonly received" text. 

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