Re: Error messages

On Fri, 28 Oct 1994, "Micheal Palmer wrote:

> Could someone out there explain to me why I get an error message from MCI 
> mail every time I post a message to b-greek? Does anyone else have this 
> problem? The message says that there must be at least one valid MCI 
> recipient for the message to be delivered. Did someone on MCI-mail 
> terminate an account without signing off b-greek, so now every posting 
> results in this annoying error message?

Yes, I get it also. I'm pretty sure that the reason for it is simply that 
someone (or more than one) on the B-Greek address list is no longer 
reachable at the address listed; whenever that happens the original 
bounces back to the original sender. I suppose it will continue to 
happen, moreover, unless or until the offending address is removed from 
the subscription list. It may be simply that the addressee has changed an 
e-mail address (as I did about a month ago) and didn't get his/her 
e-address changed on the address-list (this list is not the easiest one 
to make such a change on, as I found out, but it CAN be done!). 

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